What You Need To Know About Ordering Beef

We offer a range of custom beef options. Click below to read more about ordering.

How much beef does our family need?2023-12-19T00:59:11+00:00

As family size and eating habits vary, we recommend starting with a quarter of beef if this is your first time ordering. A quarter of beef, in our experience, lasts 6 months to 1 year, for most of our customers. If you can share with family or friends, half of the beef may be just right.

How much beef can I expect from 1/4 Beef?2023-12-19T02:02:22+00:00

The quantities below are close estimates but may vary somewhat depending on your cutting and packaging choices.

Double the amounts for a Half of Beef.

185 lbs Choice/Select Beef:

1- Rump roast – 3# package 2- Sirloin Tip roast – 3# packages 3- 1” Porterhouse – 2 per package 4- 1” T-bones – 2 per package 7- 1” rib steak (with or w/o bone) 2 per package 3 – 1” sirloin steak – 1 per package 4 – stew meat/cubed steak – 1# package 5 – Soup bones – 2 # package 6# short ribs – 2# package 2 – Arm roast – 3# package 5- Chuck roast – 3# package 40 # ground beef – 1 or 1 ½ # packages

Allow about 3 cubic feet of freezer space

How do I know how to order beef cuts?2023-12-19T01:02:26+00:00

We have listed a custom cut sheet to guide you in choosing your cuts. In addition, the great folks at Straka Meat know meat BEST and can answer all your beef cut questions.

What does “Split Side”mean?2023-12-19T01:06:28+00:00

The anatomy of a beef cow has different kinds of cuts across the animal’s body. To evenly distribute the cuts from the front and the back of the animal, a quarter of beef is usually offered as a “split-side” rather than just front or back cuts from the steer. There is a small extra processing charge for “split-side”.

How can I get “Tenderloin” steaks?2023-12-19T01:07:55+00:00

Tenderloin and NY Strip steaks are cut from the Porterhouse steak or are the Porterhouse steak without the bone. If you desire tenderloins and/or NY Strip steaks, you need to request it in your cutting directions.

Where is the “Round” steak?2023-12-19T01:09:54+00:00

Round steak is usually the least tender of the steak cuts so we recommend ordering round steak to be cut into cubed steak (like Salisbury steak) and/or stew meat to make it easier to cook.

Can I get Ground Beef Patties?2023-12-19T01:11:21+00:00

Yes – our processor offers ground beef packaged in boxes of patties for an extra charge.

How much can I expect to pay for my beef?2023-12-29T17:28:57+00:00

Quarters & halves of beef are priced by hanging weight. This is approximately 60 % of live weight. The hanging weight is the weight right after it is slaughtered and before it is processed. It is a standard pricing method for farmers selling beef and the customer paying the processor. For example: We estimate our steers will weigh 1400 lbs. which would be 840 lbs. hanging weight.

We charge $3.40/ pound of hanging weight so a quarter of beef (estimated 210 lbs.) $714.00 -would be paid to Valley Springs Farm. An average processing cost is $1.25/pound so in this example $262.50 would be paid to Straka Meat at pickup.

Where is the beef processed?2023-12-19T01:20:34+00:00

All of our beef is processed at Straka’s Meats, Plain, WI – A family-run business for over 65 years. Straka’s Meats is HACCP-certified, state-inspected, and animal welfare certified.

How long does it take to process beef?2023-12-19T01:22:35+00:00

Straka Meat ages beef for 14 days so plan to pick up your beef 2 ½ to 3 weeks after it has been delivered for processing.

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