Wagyu is arguably the best beef money can buy. With its exceptional marbling, superior tenderness and exquisite flavor, it’s no wonder Wagyu is the pinnacle of the beef world. Through careful genetic selection and feeding, Wagyu producers can create an experience for connoisseurs unmatched by any other beef. From executive chefs to the weekend barbecue fan, Wagyu offers a level of quality that can be enjoyed by everyone. And with its proven health benefits, choosing Wagyu isn’t just a treat for your taste buds, it’s great for your heart as well (American Wagyu Association). How do you cook American Wagyu? How well or how rare? Well, there’s really not ONE right answer here. No matter what we say, there’s always someone who can argue a different level of both well and rare, based on what they like. However, we’ve eaten quite a bit and tried it many ways and we have a few recommendations for you, if you need them.


We recommend simply salt and pepper to season the steak for about 10-20 minutes before cooking and let the flavor of the meat speak for itself. These steaks peak in flavor at MEDIUM RARE, but are still quite tasty at Medium.


Thicker steaks can hit their peak much easier on the grill. We like to get the grill up to between 400 and 500 degrees before we throw on the meat. Sear both sides for 3-4 minutes on each side, then move off the flame a bit until the internal temp reaches 125 degrees for medium rare. An instant thermometer is your best friend here. Pull it and let sit on the counter for 5 minutes or so. Now it’s ready to eat. If you want medium, pull the steak at around 130 degrees and then rest it. ENJOY!!!


This can produce a great flavor if you’re careful. The heat of the pan is critical not to get too hot, especially with a gas flame. However, with a thinner steak like the Flat Iron or maybe Sirloin, you can create a great crust and not over cook the interior of the cut. Thicker steaks tend to be finished searing before the interior of the steak can reach medium rare. A few minutes on each side to sear the meat and seal in the juice, then flop it a few times until it builds a crust and reaches your level of doneness. Again, medium rare is the sweet spot.


Our ground beef is like nothing you’ve tasted before from a store. At 80/20 meat to fat ratio, it keeps all its flavor. However, with the lower melting temperature of Wagyu fat, you’ll see very little grease in the pan. We offer our ground beef at a very affordable price and there are 100 ways to prepare it. Please visit our site to see some of the links to the reason that Wagyu beef is healthier for you than normal beef and some of our suggested recipes. No more boring old ground beef, the family will be hoping for it ….. not to mention, you’re burgers will be great!


Find yourself a good fajita or carne asada recipe and season these and you will love it. We recommend the grill here too. A cast iron pan or slotted grill pan on the grill will do the trick. The strips will cook faster when in liquid so we recommend pulling them from any liquid seasoning and grilling them to medium rare and tender, cooking the vegetables separately and mix back together briefly before serving.


There are always some pieces of well marbled Wagyu that are not big enough or in the right places to be a steak. We cut them into large chunks for skewers or served alone. If you can, add salt and pepper or a bit of your favorite seasoning, wrap each skewer with a piece of bacon, and grill to medium rare or medium. You can smoke them before the grill too. So good!!


Straight cheese or cheese & jalapeno, these brats are in a word, AMAZING!! Put these on smoke at 155-170 for 45 min. Then finish them at 350 or so on the grill to give them some char. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and enjoy. Immense Flavor!

Wagyu vs Kobe